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Refer a Friend Program

Refer a Friend
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Fine Print

  1. Coupon codes cannot be shared and can only be used once.
  2. Each friend can only be referred once. If someone else referred your friend you will not be able to refer that friend as well.
  3. Once you refer a friend you will need to validate your email address by following the validation instructions before we send you and your friends a coupon code.
  4. Coupon codes received in this program cannot be combined with any other coupon codes or offers.
  5. We will not add your friends to our mailing list. The only email they get will be a coupon code.
  6. Coupon code is for 20% off a new order of $50.00 more.
  7. You cannot use this coupon in conjunction with a past order.
  8. If you did not receive your email validation code check your spam folder. If you still did not receive your validation code it means your email provider has not delivered it to you. Please wait 24 hours and then try again with a different email address.
  9. We cannot support lost coupon codes. If you lose your coupon code we cannot retrieve it.
  10. This is an automated system. If for some reason you do not receive your coupon code we cannot specifically diagnose your issue. Please wait 24 hours and then try again with a different email address.
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